Fully Funded American Scholarship Award for 40,000 African to Study in America

American Scholarship, a foundation of the American Government’s advancement help program for Africa, give access to Postgraduate/Undergraduate instruction, preparing and proficient improvement open doors for reasonably qualified Africans from qualified nations.

There are many Scholarships, grants, and bursaries which can help support you financially with your studies in America. They are offered by the American Government, education institutions, and a number of other public and private organisations.

The America Awards aim to promote knowledge, education links, and enduring ties between America and our neighbours through America’s extensive scholarship programs. The program brings together scholarships offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT), the Department of Education and the American Centre for International Scholarships.

All scholarships listed on our website are available to international students. Many are available to students of all nationalities, however all scholarships conditions are set by the institution or organisation offering the scholarship and applications have to be done directly with the scholarship provider. Do you want a Scholarships for African Students, Undergraduate Scholarship, then this free Scholarship application page is for you.

Note: American scholarships are available for both American and international students at many universities and educational institutes are for higher education levels as: undergraduate, master degree and PhD programs.

Eligible Countries: Students of participating countries can apply for the America Awards Scholarships. Asia, Pacific, Africa, Middle East

Entrance Requirements: To be eligible to receive an America Awards Scholarship, applicants must: Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of commencing the scholarship.

Be a citizen of a participating country (as listed on the America Awards website) and be residing in
and applying for the scholarship from their country of citizenship

Hold permanent residency in America or be applying for a visa to live in America permanently.

Have satisfied any specific criteria established by the Program Area or the government of the applicant’s country of citizenship (e.g. having worked a certain number of years in an appropriate sector) vii. be able to satisfy the admission requirements of the institution at which the award is to be undertaken.

Be able to satisfy all requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to hold a Student Visa. This may mean that the Program Area will need to withdraw an award offer if the recipient cannot satisfy the visa requirements ix. Applicants must inform the Program Area of any connection or relationship to staff employed at Program Areas or with managing contractors so that the application may be properly and transparently managed.

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English Language Requirements: An applicant or awardee will meet DFAT’s English language requirements for receiving an America Awards Scholarship. Where an applicant or awardee does not meet DFAT’s English language requirements the awardee will need to provide an academic English language test.