Scholarships to Study Medicine for international students in australia

Scholarships to Study Medicine for international students in Australia. Australia has a high cost of living, which makes education in Australia a pricey option. However, the quality of medical education offered by Australian universities finds many students still opting to study here.

Australia houses some of the world’s leading universities that offer high-quality education. Despite the rising Australian dollar and the recent increase in educational costs, students across the world are opting to complete their higher education from Australia, what with the promise of lucrative jobs, good quality of living and favorable weather with beautiful beaches.

One of the most popular courses attracting students from across the globe is medical sciences. Of all its universities, which ensures that degrees conferred by these colleges are of high quality and are recognized by several universities and governments across the world

There are numerous medical colleges in Australia offering under graduation and post graduation courses are accredited by the Australian Medical Council. International students are to check with their respective medical councils if degrees obtained from their choice of Australian universities will be valued in their own countries.

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of a country other than Australia.
  • Have applied and be eligible for admission, or be in receipt of a conditional or unconditional offer from the University.
  • Have satisfied all appropriate entry requirements for the proposed degree program, including results of the previous study and English language proficiency as per Griffith University’s entry requirements.

How to Apply:

Applicants must provide and will be assessed by a University panel on:

  • A completed scholarship application form by the published closing date.
  • A certified/attested true copy of academic transcripts and supporting documentation demonstrating strong academic merit.
  • Assessment of a Personal Statement addressing the three questions listed below for applicants to outline their merit for the scholarship.
  • Demonstrate (and provide examples of) your knowledge of the profession of medicine and the broader role of medicine in the health care system.
  • Demonstrate (and provide examples of) your leadership and teamwork skills. Please also indicate your career plans for the future.
  • Outline any challenges you have faced in your education and in what way you have sought to overcome these challenges.

Note: The Australian medical study format is similar to that of the UK. After the completion of a graduation or a post-graduation, students are required to work as an intern for a year to be eligible to register with the state medical registration board.

After obtaining a registration, medical graduates can work as Resident Medical Officers or Hospital Medical Officers. Based on the work experience gained during this tenure, they can opt for vocational and specialization programs.

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